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    BZPB Best of 2021 Nominations

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    BZPB Best of 2021 Nominations Empty BZPB Best of 2021 Nominations

    Post by drj Wed Oct 20, 2021 3:12 pm

    I took my sweet time but here we are. The purpose of this exercise is to pat ourselves on the back for writing some pretty good stuff over the last eight months, but also to put together a 'showcase' of the vibe of BZPB as it is now for if/when people sign up/return.

    Everything posted up until now is eligible because, again, I took my sweet time. Categories include:

    - Best New Character
    - Best Subplot
    - Best Post
    - Best Battle
    - Best Moment
    - Best Twist
    - Biggest L

    You may nominate one of your own posts/characters/subplots per category, and an unlimited number of other people's stuff. Not going to set a deadline because who gives a shit, take your time guys
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    BZPB Best of 2021 Nominations Empty Re: BZPB Best of 2021 Nominations

    Post by Klak Wed Oct 27, 2021 6:37 am

    Best New Character:

    • Vehkta
    • Blackout
    • Gerry Arwell
    • Xavik
    • Akzer (don't think I ever introduced him in Reborn)
    • Rlain'corvis-Veyelan
    • Graff Heyerdahl
    • Willow
    • Min-Su
    • Arc Keylana
    • Oblique and Halo
    • Daniel Danssen
    • Blizz
    • 5f13

    Best Subplot

    • Vehktamu
    • Tanari Space Politics/The Nation Continues
    • Narayanastra
    • FSA Election
    • Uteriach Breakout
    • Daniel Danssen

    Best Post:


    Best Battle:

    • Narayanstra
    • Sefer vs. Vehkta and Akhan
    • Ahura War
    • Le Club Fight
    • Cassandra Cromwell vs. Diamond Dogs
    • Shen Zhou
    • Akkar vs. Luria
    • Eclipse vs. Amun Collective

    Best Moment:

    • FSA Agents Finding Out About Bendu (the start of the RPG)
    • Xavik Lipstick Moment
    • All the mercs running into each other on Jumano
    • Daniel Danssen's Death
    • "Call Me."
    • "Crisps."
    • The National Continuance Coup
    • Aster's Speech
    • Kakamu in the lab after Shen Zhou
    • The New Order Invasion
    • Destruction of Geihmurs

    Best Twist:

    • Keylana was going to be killed at birth
    • TMV
    • Dark Aster
    • Morgan Peres is a pawn (I'd say this is probably the creepiest)
      (More TBD)

    Biggest L:

    • Marianna Gilclack and Russello's Triumvirate Plan.
    • Allman's Resurrection
    • Eachan
    • "Crisps."

    I also suggest a "Best Revamped Character" category for characters like Kakamu, Aster, Caiaphus, or William Douglas Reed who were introduced in Reborn but went a different direction in Resurgence--or were more developed altogether in some cases (not for any of those I listed).

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